Welcome to the Pacific International Student Placement & Accommodation Services

Pacific International is a specialized educational agency in Vancouver that offers consulting services for Ukrainian and Russian students interested in pursuing education in Canada.

Our experience and dedication to each client allows us to offer high quality services that are tailored to the individual need of every client.


Our mission is to connect secondary and post-secondary schools with students in a way that benefit both parties.

5 reasons why cooperate with Pacific International

Student placements for clients coming from Ukraine and Russia is a prospective and fast-developing market, and the rates of this particular clientele are growing every year.
We are constantly monitoring and keeping track of the recent educational trends and students’ preferences in Ukraine and Russia that help us develop and implement effective student recruitment strategies.
Our professionalism is built on the Canadian experience, excellent knowledge of the Canadian educational system and transparency what immediately evokes trust in Ukrainian and Russian partners and attracts potential clients.
We are committed to offer a personalized approach to each client by providing consultation and developing a comprehensive educational program that addresses the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or learning backgrounds of individual students.
Our sound understandings of the Ukraine and Russian market and good relationships with related business partners allow us to develop effective marketing communications strategies.

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